Medical Centers

Medical Centers

Necessity Funding is a leading provider of medical and surgical funding.

We are committed to assisting injured victims and their families. Whether the money is used for a medical or surgical procedures or just to pay bills, we are here to offer peace of mind.

Necessity Funding pays medical and surgical providers directly.

Medical providers can simply focus on providing the best care possible and attorneys have the time and opportunity to maximize the plaintiff’s settlements.

Benefits to the Medical Provider

  • You can provide the best care possible.
  • You are paid at the time services are rendered.

Benefits to Attorney

  • Provide cash advances if required medical procedures are performed (upon your request)
  • Consolidate and simplify your closing statements
  • Increases your time and opportunity to maximize clients’ settlements
  • Competitive variable and fixed rates
  • Your client gets the care they need.
  • You and your clients choose the medical providers of choice
  • Medical providers paid at time of procedure

Benefits to the Plaintiff

  • You get the care you need, when you need it.
  • You do not have to worry about the financial stress of the injury.