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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

Immediate financial help to people who have been injured, waiting for their lawsuits to settle, and need some cash right now.

How do I qualify?

There are four requirements that we look for:
1) You’ve been injured
2) It was not your fault
3) You have a pending lawsuit against the party that
      injured you
4) There’s adequate insurance to compensate you

How much can I get?

Our Lawsuit Cash Advances range from $500.00 to $500,000.

How do I apply? What is process?

We have clients that apply and receive their cash as quickly as two hours!
Step 1- Apply here
Step 2- One of our Underwriters will contact you to get additional information and if you qualify, they will provide you with a
Step 3- The Underwriter will contact your attorney to confirm the information
Step 4- If approved, your paperwork is signed and you get your cash.

How long does it take to get the cash?

We have clients that apply and receive their cash as quickly as two hours!

What is the Rate and/or Cost?

Our rates are very competitive and it depends on your specific case. Our Underwriter will provide you with the details.

Is a Lawsuit Cash Advance a Loan?

No, a Lawsuit Cash Advance is not a loan. You will only have to repay our Lawsuit Cash Advance if you settle or win the lawsuit.

If you lose your case, you owe us nothing. With a loan, you must re-pay it back regardless of what happens.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Yes, you will need an attorney, but if you don’t have one, our Underwriters can assist you in finding a qualified attorney for your case with no obligation.

Click here to find an Attorney

Can I get an additional Lawsuit Cash Advance?

Yes, as long as you qualify, we can provide with an additional Lawsuit Cash Advances.

Can I apply even if I got funded/cash from another company?

Yes, you can still apply.

How Do I Repay the Lawsuit Cash Advance?

You only repay the Lawsuit Cash Advance if you win or settle your case

Will you check my credit history?

NO. We do not review your credit history.

Do you fund/pay for medical procedures?

Yes, we provide funding for surgeries and other accident related medical procedures.

When Approved, where can I pick up my Lawsuit Cash Advance?

For your convenience, Lawsuit Cash Advances are funded at Financial Cash Center locations throughout the United States, utilizing Zoom-Cash’s payment technology.