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Instant Pre-Approvals

No need to anxiously wait to find out if and how much you have been approved.
Unlike our competitors that take 24 to 72 hours or more to provide you with a decision, we provide you with a pre-approved amount instantly after you provide us with some information on your lawsuit case.

Cash in Minutes upon Approval,
and NO need for a Bank Account

Utilizing Zoom-Cash technology, we provide the fastest cash fundings to our clients in our industry… Guaranteed!

We are not kidding when we say that we can have your cash in as little as two hours!

Our Rates are Most Competitive

To save you money, we provide fixed or variable rates.

If you Lose your Lawsuit Case,
You Owe Us Nothing.

That’s right, if for some reason you lose your lawsuit case, you owe us nothing!
You only repay if you win or settle your case.

NO monthly payments

You do not have to make any monthly payments.

NO credit checks

We do not do any credit checks.

NO employment required

You do not need to be working to qualify for our Lawsuit Cash Advance